The city of Ermoupoli

As a capital of the Cyclades prefecture, Ermoupoli is host to many public services and administrative offices of the Greek government. Courts of justice, Prefecture Administration, South Aegean Region administration, Customs Office, Tax Office Fire Department and Directorates of Agriculture, Forests, Education, Commerce, Fisheries, Urban design etc. The area covered by the Ermoupoli Municipality is 926 acres and the population is around 13000 inhabitants.

Social life in Syros and Ermoupoli, in contrast to the majority of the Cyclades islands, remains alive even during the winter season. Dozens of cultural, professional, athletic, artistic and charity clubs stimulate the interest of the inhabitants and the visitors to Syros island. Theatrical and Cinema events, music and dance festivals, lectures and sports evente, seminars and workshops and art exhibitions are some of the elements of the social life in Syros island.

Neighborhoods in Ermoupoli

Psariana, where the Kimisis (Assumption) Church is located and a little bit higher you can find Pefkakia.

Neapoli, Taksiarchis and Ksirokampos on the road that leads to Ano Syros, near the Church of Saint George

Vaporia, just next to Saint Nicolas church. Vaporia is the rich district with the imposing mansions that overlook the Aegean Sea and have a direct view of Mykonos island when the atmosphere is clear. Most of these mansions belong to shipowners and industry owners and their rooms are full of murals (wall paintings) and impressive ceiling paintings.

Vrontado can be found just below the church of Anastasi (Resurrection)

Dili on the top of the Dili hill probably got its name from "Dilios Apollo" where you can find the Anastasi church (Resurrection)

Lazareta is the area around the old Quarantine building and is located at the south part of Syros port.