Ano Syros

History - Sightseeing

The Ano Syros catholic church of Saint George is found on the top of the hill. The first building was constructed probably by 1200 AD and the modern renovated church in 1834. Next to the church lies the Historic Archive of the Catholic Episcopate, which used to house the Hieratic School (Ieratiki Sxoli) in 1837. The Historic Archive of Ano Syros is of significant value as 16th century manuscripts can be found there.

The Ano Syros Municipality Archive which has been kept for centuries and shows the great level of organisation of the first municipality of Greece.

The Capuchins Monastery together with the church of Saint John which was built in 1635, the Jesuits' Monastery with the church of "Panagia Karmilou" built in 1581 and a library with thousands of books, historical documents and parchments. The church of Saint Sebastian and the Cemetery of the Angels (used to be cemetery of unbaptised children).

At the tallest point, of the hill, lies the bust of ancient Syros philosopher Pherekydes. The cave, which used as his winter residence, can be found in "Apano Meria" after "Kyperoussa" area.

In previous times, Ano Syros and Syros was full of windmills. Remains of one of them can be seen next to Pherekydes' bust in Ano Syros.

The only orthodox christian churches in Ano Syros is "Agia Triada" (Holy Triad) and Saint Nicolas "of the poor".

The museum and bust of Syros popular composer and singer Markos Vamvakaris can be found also in Ano Syros where there is a square named after him.

Other places worth seeing is the old French hospital, the exhibition of traditional professions, the exhibition of historic archives and the Folk Art Museum of Ano Syros.

Restaurants - Entertainment - Shops

In Ano Syros, you can find 45 taverns, small cafes, bars, bakeries, grocery stores, traditional textiles and of course the usual souvenir shops.